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Last updated: 15.09.2021


2020: Steinhauer, K. & Kasparian, K. Brain plasticity in adulthood: ERP evidence for L1-attrition in lexicon and morphosyntax after predominant L2 use. Language Learning, 70(2), 171-193.

2019: Steinhauer, K. & Kasparian, K. Neurophysiological approaches to attrition. In The Oxford Handbook of Language Attrition, Monika S. Schmid & Barbara Köpke (Eds.). Oxford University Press.

2019: Titone, D., Lovseth, K., Kasparian, K., & Tiv, M. Are figurative interpretations of idioms directly retrieved, compositionally built, or both? Evidence from eye-movement measures of reading. Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology.

2017: Kasparian, K. & Steinhauer, K. On missed opportunities and convenient “truths”. Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism7(6), 709-714.

2017: Kasparian, K., & Steinhauer, K. When the second language takes the lead: Neurocognitive processing changes in the first language of adult attriters. Frontiers in Psychology, Language Sciences.

2016: Kasparian, K., Vespignani, F., & Steinhauer, K. First-language attrition induces changes in online morphosyntactic processing and re-analysis: An ERP study of number agreement in complex Italian sentences. Cognitive Science10.1111/cogs.12450

2016: Kasparian, K., & Steinhauer, K. Lexical-semantic processing of confusable words in first-language attrition and late second-language acquisition: An ERP study. Neuropsychologia

2014: Kasparian, K., Vespignani, F., & Steinhauer, K. The case of a non-native-like first language: ERP evidence of first language (L1) attrition in lexical and morphosyntactic processing. International Journal of Psychophysiology,94(2), 159-160.

2012: KasparianK. Hemispheric differences in figurative language processing: Contributions of neuroimaging methods and challenges in reconciling current empirical findingsJournal of Neurolinguistics, 26(1) ,1-21.

2011: Gauthier, K., Genesee, F., & Kasparian, K. Acquisition of complement clitics and tense morphology in internationally adopted children acquiring French. Bilingualism, Language and Cognition, 15(2), 304-319.

2011: Gauthier, K., Genesee, F., Dubois, M.-E., & Kasparian, K. Communication patterns between internationally-adopted children and their mothers: Implications for language development. Applied Psycholinguistics, FirstView article, 1-23.

2009: Bol, G. W., & Kasparian, K. The production of pronouns in Dutch children with developmental language disorders: a comparison between children with SLI, Hearing Impairment and Down’s syndrome. Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics, 23(9), 631-646.

In preparation

Kasparian, K., Postiglione, F., & Steinhauer, K. In my other language: An ERP study of Italian-English cognates and homographs in L1-attrition and L2-acquisition

Titone, D., Lovseth, K., Sheikh, N. A., & Kasparian, K. Idiom processing in a second language.

Kasparian, K., & Steinhauer, K. Second-language processing in first-language attriters: An ERP study of English relative-clauses.

Kasparian, K., & Steinhauer, K. Regular and irregular verb processing in L1 attriters and L2 learners of Italian.


2009 – 2015: Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
Optional specialization: Language Acquisition Program
School of Communication Sciences and Disorders (SCSD), McGill University, Montreal, Canada

2007 – 2009: M.Sc., Joint European Masters in Clinical Linguistics (EMCL)
Universität Potsdam, Germany
Università degli studi di Milano-Bicocca, Italy
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, TheNetherlands

2004 – 2007: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc), Honours Psychology
Minor in Italian Literature and Civilization
McGill University, Montreal, Canada

2002 – 2004: Diplôme d’Etudes Collégiales (D.E.C), Natural Sciences
Cégep John Abbott College, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Canada


Since 2018: Consultant, content creator, copywriter, editor, translator
Momentum Emporium

Since 2015: Shop owner, travel photographer
Veni Etiam Photography

Since 2014: Team leader, community manager
Collectif Créatif Montréal

2017: Research associate
Department of Psychology, McGill University

2016: Graduate program developer, GradLife coordinator
Teaching & Learning Services, McGill University

2015 – 2016: Research associate
School of Comm. Sciences & Disorders, McGill University

2014 – 2015: Academic writing consultant
Graphos, McGill Writing Centre

2002-2007: Customer Service Representative
Indigo Books & Music, Montreal


Neurocognition of language
Bilingualism / multilingualism
First language attrition
Second language acquisition
Language processing and psycholinguistics
Event-related potentials


Sept 2009 – 2015: Ph.D. Dissertation
The case of the non-native-like first language: Neurophysiological evidence of first-language attrition
Supervisor: Dr. Karsten Steinhauer, McGill University

2008 – 2009: Master’s Thesis
The effect of orthographic depth on reading processes in highly proficient Italian and English bilinguals
Supervisor: Dr. Eraldo Paulesu, Università degli studi di Milano-Bicocca

2006 – 2007: Undergraduate Honours Thesis
The role of joint attention and caregiver interaction strategies in early language development of cross-language adopted children from China
Supervisors: Dr. Fred Genesee & Dr. Karine Gauthier, McGill University

2006 – 2007: Undergraduate Research Project
Semantic priming and word-frequency effects in solving anagrams with multiple solutions
Supervisor: Dr. Debra Titone, McGill University

2005 – 2006: Undergraduate Research Project
Expressive language skills of cross-language adopted children
Supervisor: Dr. Fred Genesee, McGill University


2015. Shortlisted for Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship (listed as alternate due to quota)
2014: Graduate Student Stipend, Center for Research on Brain, Language and Music
2012: Michael-Smith Foreign Study Supplement, CIHR
2011-2014: Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship, CIHR
2009-2012: Richard H. Tomlinson Doctoral Fellowship, McGill University
2009: Berlin Mind & Brain Doctoral Fellowship, offer declined
2009: Provost Graduate Fellowship, McGill University, offer declined
2009: Principal’s Graduate Fellowship, McGill University, offer declined
2007-2009: Erasmus Mundus Master Scholarship
2007-2010: Master’s Fellowship, FQRSC
2007-2010: Master’s Research Fellowship, SSHRC, offer declined
2007-2010: Lacey Graduate Scholarship, University of British Columbia, offer declined
2006: Undergraduate Research Fellowship, FRSQ


2015: Abelson Travel Award, Faculty of Medicine, McGill University
2013: Workshop on Neurobilingualism Travel Award
2012: Travel Award, Center for Research on Brain, Language and Music
2012: Graduate International Travel Fund, McGill University
2011: Travel Award, Center for Research on Brain, Language and Music
2011: Travel Award, Center for Research on Brain, Language and Music
2010: Travel Award, Center for Research on Brain, Language and Music
2007: Delta Upsilon Memorial Scholarship for Graduate Studies, McGill University
2007: Award for outstanding Honours thesis, Canadian Psychological Association
2007: First Class Honours, McGill University
2007: Dean of Science Honour List, McGill University
2006: J. W. McConnell Award, McGill University
2006: Prince of Wales Award, McGill University
2006: Dean of Science Honour List, McGill University
2004-2007: Nancy Falck Scholarship, Indigo Books & Music
2004-2007: AUCC Scholarship, Bell Canada


Leadership in academic setting

2014: PhD student representative, SCSD, McGill University
2014: Consultant on academic writing groups, McGill Writing Centre and Graphos, McGill
Since 2009: Creator and coordinator of the EMCL Alumni Network and co-organizer of EMCL Alumni webpage, Universität Potsdam,
2012: Student Discussion Facilitator, “Academic Integrity Day”, SKILLSETS, McGill
2007 – 2008: Student Representative of M.Sc. students in European Masters of Clinical Linguistics (EMCL) program, Universität Potsdam (Germany), Università degli studi di Milano-Bicocca (Italy) and Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (The Netherlands)

Organization of scientific meetings

2013: Local organizer, International Conference on Multilingualism, Montreal.
2013-2015: Founder/organizer, PhD-Day, SCSD, McGill University

Reviewing activities and committee membership

2021: Reviewer, Frontiers in Human Neuroscience
2015: Reviewer, Journal of Memory and Language
2014: Reviewer, Frontiers Psychology
2013: Reviewer, Journal of Child Language
2013: Scientific Committee, International Conference Multilingualism
2012: Scientific Committee, Architectures and Mechanisms for Language Processing
2012: Scientific Committee, Association Francophone du Savoir
2014: Curriculum committee, Language Acquisition Program (LAP), McGill University
2010: Curriculum committee, Comps Exams, SCSD, McGill University

Teaching, mentoring and supervision

2016: Coordinator, Social media and blog writing, Teaching & Learning Services, McGill
2011-2015: GradLife Blogger, McGill University
2015: Graduate guest lecturer, Language processing in bilinguals, McGill
2010-2014: Seminar leader / materials developer, Academic writing, McGill
2013-2014: Research assistant training and supervision, McGill
2013: Bachelor student training and co-supervision, Università degli studi di Trento
2011-2012: Master student training and co-supervision, McGill

Membership of scientific societies

2009-2015: Centre for Research on Brain, Language and Music
2014-2015: Society for the Neurobiology of Language
2014: International Organization of Psychophysiology
2010-2011: Cognitive Neuroscience Society

Major collaborations

Francesco Vespignani, Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science, Università degli studi di Trento, Italy. Morphosyntactic processing (number agreement and relative clauses) in Italian

Francesca Postiglione, Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science, Università degli studi di Trento, Italy. Lexical-semantic co-activation (homographs and cognates) in Italian bilinguals

John Drury, Department of Linguistics, Stonybrook University, USA. Cross-linguistic influence on adjective word-order and determiner processing


Some German 
Very little Dutch

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