Writing resources

Academic Writing Groups can help ease the “pain” associated with writing during graduate studies. To learn about how to organize an effective peer Writing Group, download the following pdf. I developed it after several years of having organized and led a peer Writing Group within my department at McGill. It explains how Writing Groups work, why they are beneficial, and what different kinds of options you have available when trying to start a Writing Group. It also gives a list of helpful resources and a guideline for giving and receiving constructive feedback from your peers. Let me know what you think!

For some extra tips on writing, check out some blog-posts I’ve written for McGill University’s GradLife blog:

– on tools and tips that could change the way you feel about writing;
– on how to fight distraction and stay motivated;
– on carving out time for writing, regularly and productively;
– on writing abstracts;
– on overcoming procrastination;
– on tips to enhance your productivity;
– on academic integrity;
– on thinking critically;
– on peer writing groups;

If you want to get your hands on ONE academic writing book to help you through the various elements of writing during your graduate studies, a book that I find tremendously helpful and comprehensive is Scientific Writing and Communication: Papers, Proposals and Presentations by Angelika H. Hofmann.